National, state and territory population, December 2023

Centre for Population analysis of the National, state and territory population publication from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

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Australia’s population was 26.97 million at 31 December 2023, which was 2.5 per cent higher than a year earlier. This growth rate was lower than the 70‑year high of 2.6 per cent recorded in the September quarter.

Growth was driven by net overseas migration (NOM) of 547,000 over the year to December 2023, including 107,000 in the December quarter. Elevated NOM has been driven by arrivals of temporary migrants, particularly students, while departures remain low due to the relatively recent arrival of many temporary migrants. NOM over the year has declined for the first time since the borders reopened (Chart 2), mostly reflecting fewer arrivals in the December 2023 quarter compared to a year earlier.

Natural increase (births minus deaths) remained low, falling to 104,000 over the year to December 2023. This was a decrease of 6.4 per cent from 2022. Fewer births drove this decline, partially offset by fewer deaths.

Western Australia grew faster than any other jurisdiction over the year to December 2023 (3.3 per cent), followed by Victoria (2.8 per cent) and Queensland (2.6 per cent). Tasmania (0.4 per cent) and the Northern Territory (0.9 per cent) were the slowest growing jurisdictions.


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